7 Most Popular House Siding Colors

House Siding Colors

The summertime is the ideal time to renovate after spring cleaning. Today’s discerning homeowner can choose from a dizzying choice of brilliant hues, tints, and colours for their siding. In order to boost the curb appeal of your property while also making sure that it is the most eye-catching one on the block, let’s look at what is trendy and hot this season:

Ice white

One hue that never goes out of fashion or season is white. Because of this, the idea that white is outdated is unfounded. In fact, homes across the nation are once again sporting this siding colour. Why not, then? After all, it has played a significant role in recent decades of external design trends, not only the last few years. It has an extremely sleek and contemporary appearance. At the same time, your standard white offers your house a touch of sophistication. White is the colour of choice if genteel sophistication is what you’re after.

Soft neutrals are popular.

Soft neutrals are trendy right now, and they’re especially fantastic if you don’t really like harsh white. Softer, more inviting hues always produce siding for your home that is both aesthetically pleasing and neutral. You may simply achieve that luscious effect that will catch everyone’s attention by fading your sharp whites. The soft shades will produce a variety of intriguing hues if your home receives a lot of sunlight.

opulent earth tones

Your warm and inviting home will remain rooted in its own beauty if you choose siding in a variety of earthy tones. The electric rainbow colour paint fad is obviously the complete reverse of this; earth-based tones and hues offer an exquisite richness and quality that is uniquely their own. These tones and shades are typically based on deep brown colours that represent the earth’s soil. Your skilled Kansas City siding contractor will assist you in choosing and updating your siding so that you may appreciate the hues that Mother Nature herself has selected.

The classic style of grey

Gray is the only hue that can truly be described as ageless. Driving by a house with grey siding nearly guarantees that you will stop and take another look. Gray siding will naturally produce a distinctive appearance when coupled with other hues.

Be brave and go blue!

Steel blue and other similiar hues showcase your fashionable assurance. In fact, using a lot of rich, deep blues will always help you get the bold appearance you need for your home to stand out among the others in the neighbourhood. To completely transform the appearance of your house, you can also experiment with pairing your blue siding with a wide range of other colours.

Embrace the indigo look to look cool.

Indigo complements a dark-on-dark combination beautifully. In actuality, this is a style of external siding that is becoming more and more popular. This tint includes some of the deeper shades of indigo and encompasses a wide range of very deep tones. These window treatments, which have long been connected to royalty, are the perfect way to turn your house into a palace!

Nighttime hues

These days, classic dark yet neutral colours are becoming highly fashionable. You can pair a light cloud-colored slate slide with a midnight-colored roof. This will have an exquisite and distinctive appearance. It will provide for an intriguing contrast, particularly in comparison to the nearby houses in your community. This collection of timeless, neutral colours will look fantastic in your home this summer and hit the appropriate note. The best part is that these hues require very little upkeep because the combination of grey and dark makes dirt disappear.


Your siding is the greatest place to start if you want to give your house a fresh look this summer. All of these hues will give your house a healthful, new appearance that is almost certain to attract attention. Just make sure you hire a siding contractor in Kansas City for the task at hand.