LG Sunset Review – Should You Buy It?

LG Sunset

No longer well known, Straight Talk is a service provider. However, they do provide a few excellent financial tools. The Sunset is unquestionably one of them and would make a great backup telecell phone. In our review of the LG Sunset, we not only discussed it in detail but also evaluated it against alternatives.

LG Sunset Specs

We went into great detail about the unit’s specifications in the part after that.



It is made of plastic, just like the majority of the phones in its price range. Unfortunately, LG did little to improve the quality of the experience. This might no longer be a big concern given that it could most likely be used as a backup tool.

Rejoice if you have little hands. It has a four.5-inch (114.3) display as standard. Although it is little, it is very thick. The item’s measurements are 5.11 inches by 2.55 inches by 43.0 inches (129.7 mm x 64.seventy seven mm x 10.nine mm). Thank goodness it’s no longer hefty. If it did, it would resemble a brick. It is available in a size of 48 ounces (136.nine grams).

LG isn’t typically known for providing electronics in a variety of colours. The Sunset is most readily available in black. However, there are numerous cases of it. It won’t be difficult for you to find anything you enjoy.

A microSD slot exists. It is chosen since its ROM is subpar; more on this later. Additionally, it has a 3.55 mm headphone port. The feature has started to disappear from more modern phones today.

There isn’t a fingerprint sensor, therefore no. To unlock it, you’ll employ outdated passcodes and fashions.


You shouldn’t be surprised by the show’s lack of immersion. This is especially true given its size. TFT is used in the front panel. It’s now much less colourful. Nevertheless, a lot of modern phones still rock the house.

LG has kept the display-to-frame ratio a secret. Although it is clean, it is not acceptable. Just test it out; the bezel is moving quite severely.

Given its diminutive size, the display choice is excellent. The resolution is 854 x 480.

It could be difficult to use the phone if you live somewhere sunny. Its front is not sufficiently brilliant to combat glare.

Keep your hands off it when you’re outside. There is regular reinforced glass defence there.

It is believed that LG units include the proper temperature and colour settings. There isn’t any exception with The Sunset. You can add a little to make it more vibrant.


Typically, larger batteries are found in thicker phones. It’s not always the case like this. It includes a 1900 mAh battery. It won’t close for more than an afternoon. However, you could extend its duration by using power-saving options.

You may be wondering if you can get rid of its batteries seeing as it is once again made of plastic. You could, is the answer. This is desirable since you can apply pressure to its structural elements.

The thing is, charging it won’t be funny. A micro USB port is present. It has aged. It might have to have a 10 W daily charger inside of it. To go from 0 to 100% would take more than two hours.


The Snapdragon 410 is the complimentary chipset. It’s simple, yet it’s no longer horrifying. Things will only become difficult if you perform frequent duties. The processor is what drives Android 5.0. Android 10 is now rounded. In opposition to it, the OS poses no threat.

You will have 1 GB of RAM. The use of it might be simpler if there were extras. Apps pressure retention could be a very real problem.

Eight GB of ROM are available from your side. That is far from ideal; you’ll quickly fill it up. It is especially inappropriate given that free provider bloatware is available. The eight GB could be reduced to about two.

Thank goodness, a microSD slot exists. You can increase its storage space by up to 32 GB.


It shouldn’t surprise you that its digital camera is terrible given how reasonably priced it is. You will once more receive a five MP sensor. It produces photos that are far from colourful and accurate in terms of colour.

A selfie digital camera is present. The optimal value is 0.3 MP. In low light, the pictures it captures are much more suspect.

The primary setup has an LED flash. Sadly, the function on its top shooter is no longer available.


You will be able to connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Via Bluetooth v4.0, you can share documents with other people.

Now that you are fully aware of it, we considered comparing it to available possibilities.